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In Loving Memory of Maestro Versatile Artist Dharamdasa Walpola

The late Legendary artist/singer Mr. Dharmadasa Walpola and his wife Kalasuri Latha Walpola singing sensation duo made an effort to create essentially Sinhala music singing of evergreen golden melodies. They both dominated Sri Lankan Cinema music in 50’s, 60’s and 70‘s as Playback singers of the silver screen. Though it has been more then 30 years since the passing away of Dharmadasa Walpola, people still love his melodious unforgettable Classics songs and admires the incomparable of his singing ability and qualities of this humble man of principle. He was a kind and compassionate man who never took advantage of another. Mr. Dharmadasa Walpola’s music still kept alive by his three sons. The Youngest son Chaminda Walpola who sings live in concerts his beloved father’s songs melodiously In USA. Multi-Talented Chaminda releasing his 1st Audio CD Album “Piyanani Oba Gau Gee” an humble tribute to his beloved father singing his own new composition along with Best golden oldies of his legendary parents with helped by his beautiful Wife Indian Born Songstress Preethisha Walpola, who sings melodiously in Hindi as well as in Sinhala. The Net Proceeds from the sales of Cd albums will go to Ronsoya Project USA of Chaminda & Preethisha Walpola.


Ronsoya Music For A Cause, “ The Ronsoya Project” established to keep the legacy of Dharamadasa Walpola alive in 2015 bu his youngest son Chaminda Walpola & His wife Preethisha Walpola in Los angeles, USA. which is by raising funds through organizing Benefit Concert under the name “ Ronsoya Benefit Concert “and other donations to provide financial assistance in times of needs to veteran performing artists in Sri Lanka. As of today, they organized their 1st Ronsoya Benefit concert in Sri Lanka in 2015 and second concert in Los Angels, USA in 2016. They helped during their 1 st concert in Sri Lanka, to Late Legendary singer Mr. Haroon Lantra,, Popular Drummer of Fortune Band Ranjith De Silva, Late Legendary Music Composer Mr. R.Mutthusamy and Mrs. RockSamay Family. If you would like to be part of this worthy Noble cause of “ RONSOYA PROJECT “ please contact directly Chaminda Walpola by sending your inquires at Email: voiceoflata@yahoo.com or singlanka@yahoo.com will keep you informed about the future plans of this one-of-a-kind Foundation of RONSOYA Music For A Cause...


Chaminda Walpola


Music Composer, Arranger, Programmer, Keyboardist, Guitarist, and Male Vocalist KNOWN AS JR. A.R.RAHMAN OF CALIFORNIA Chaminda Walpola is a remarkable keyboard player, guitar player and Male Vocalist. In fact, to many, he is a musical genius! He has been working, living and breathing music for over 15 years in America, He has studied keyboard, music programming prestigious, world-known school (MI) Musicians Institute of Hollywood. Also he has received a diploma in digital recording engineering from UCLA. Chaminda, who has a very charming personality, sings in Sinhala, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, and English languages very fluently, which makes him even more endearing to his audience. He has composed and released five albums with Preetysha the singer whose known as an Nightingale of California in Indian Community in USA. He has programmed all music tracks, composed, arranged and also sang the songs with the melodious Preetysha. Chaminda, with his musical talent and knowledge of playing various instruments like Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drum and Dholak has trained many musicians when they joined the Band. Chaminda’S audio technology knowledge and mastery of operating sound system also plays an important role in the success of the live performances.

Preethisha Walpola


Preethisha, An Indian born artist, is the lead vocalist of Sinhala - Bollywood Band in Los Angeles, She has performed with great acclaim in more than 40 states in the United States as well in overseas India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada along with her Husband multi-talented Chaminda Walpola. Preethisha is affectionately called “India’s Nightingale Of California . As a child, since the age of five, Preethisha would sing the songs of Melody Queen Lata Mangeshkar on the radio. The talent in her genes was inherited from her beloved Mother Anjanben Shah. Preethisha, In Gujarat state won the first prize in classical singing contest at age of 12 . Preetysha’s ability to sing melodiously in the high octave range, amazingly tonal quality of her vocal chords is similar to the Nightingale of India Lata Mangeshkar which is blessings from divine gift of Goddess Saraswati Mata to Preethisha. Singing sensation Duo Preethisha & Chaminda, has performed for the large gathering attended by more then 200,000 people in ten years in California and helped the non profit organization to raise the fund for the noble cause to open ten eye hospitals for poor people to provide free eye treatment.

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